Monday, March 8, 2010


Here is the updated class schedule for the rest of the semester:

March 16 and 18 - Writing obituaries. Start by reading Chapter 12. You'll pair up with another student, interview each other and write your partner's obit from the perspective of being 60 years old.

March. 22 - Assignment. The African American Baseball Experience at the UCF Library. We'll tour the exhibit and write stories.

March 24 - Sentinel Wire Editor John Cutter will talk about filing for online.

March 29 and 31 - Professor Brunson will teach a public records class.

April 5 and 7 - Moving on to feature writing. Chapter 15.

April 12 - Sentinel feature writer Jeff Kunerth will talk to class about the art of writing a compelling story.

April 14 - Special event. - Former Orange County Mayor Linda Chapin and Disney VP and former Orlando Sentinel political reporter Mike Griffin will talk about the art of interviewing and being interviewed.

April 19 and 22 - We will go over your suggestions for final feature story and begin gathering information and writing the story. This is worth 100 points and is an important part of your grade.

April 26 - Deadline for handing in your published story with byline and date. REMEMBER YOU CAN'T GET A C UNLESS YOU HAVE A PUBLISHED STORY. Final AP Style test.


May 3 - Final exams. We'll meet at 1 p.m. in Room 211 and you'll get your final papers back and I'll give you your grades.

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